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Clear Choices

Cash / Finance / Lease . . .


How to Choose. . .

  …   Just as  choosing the right vehicle from the right source is vital, how to pay is equally important.

  •    All vehicles are expensive, and represent one of the largest financial decisions that you ever make.

  •   Not being fully informed regarding your payment options can prove disastrous on many fronts.

  •   Cash Purchase vs Payment Plans you need to know the numbers ahead of final purchase

  •   Manufacturer Rates vs Banks vs Home Equity Lines of credit . . . lets do the math 

  •   Leasing vs Financing … Leasing no longer is just for people who write off payments  

  •   Leasing vs Financing … The Financial planning "Big Picture"  aspect of this large transaction

  •   Equity in current vehicle, whether a trade in or a lease return or with a current loan , know your options


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